The number 999 in numerology is the most spiritual of all existing numbers. Nothing surprising! After all, the number 999 consists of three nines. And the number 9 – the most spiritual number of all the major numbers of spiritual numerology.

The meaning of the number 999 is so spiritual that it is not even quite correct to describe it in words. Our words, our “smart” philosophical sayings are helplessly confused in language and on paper in front of the face of Eternity.

The element of number 999 is Eternity. And what is Eternity? This is the amount of time that the human brain is unable to realize.

Therefore, the interpretation of the number 999 I put it off for a long time, although I was often asked about it. Of course, I answered something, applying my knowledge of the language of numbers and trying to be as accurate as possible. However, I always understood that even the best of the 999 interpretations would be deliberately flawed and incorrect …