The number 99 consists of two nines. The meaning of the number 9 – the Spirit of Man, or the Soul, call it as you like.

99 in the language of numbers means high spirituality – “spirit for the sake of the spirit”, although such a phrase may seem ridiculous to someone.

Number 99 is the number of the Logic of the Spirit. Material logic and spiritual are two completely different concepts. Material logic is “yes or no”, “bad or good”, “right or wrong”. And spiritual logic is “yes and no and at the same time”, “both bad and good”, “both right and wrong”.

Spiritual logic, expressed in the language of numbers by the number 99, does not condemn or encourage anyone. The concept of “sin” for this number does not actually exist! For her, “sin” is nothing more than an illusion or a delusion.

The value of the number 99

In everyday life, 99 does not take a significant part. In any case, it does not directly affect our way of life. However, indirectly affects, and how!

The fact is that in figure 99 all the deepest causes of what is happening to us here and now are enclosed. Moreover, it is the number 99 that determines the fate of a person!

By itself, the Fate of Man in spiritual numerology is denoted by the number 8.