98 ┬áconsists of two adjacent figures – nine and eight. Each of them has its own characteristics and unique characteristics. The leading figure is responsible for love, faith in light feelings and simple human joys. It is filled with the energy of spiritual enlightenment and the desire for self-improvement. It is a symbol of romanticism, responsibility for the obligations undertaken. Thanks to the influence of the nine, a second breath opens up in a person, and forces are available to perform complex tasks. Eight is no less important in the number of 98.

It is a symbol of authoritarianism and self-confidence. This is a sign of true professionals who follow the path of self-improvement. Its speakers perfect their own skills and achieve significant success. The Eight gives a person a propensity for financial activity and material benefits. In many religions, it symbolizes the infinity of being, and the immortality of the human soul. The mystical meaning of the numbers The Egyptians believed in the divine origin of the Ninth and the Eight, and the Chinese believe in the existence of just such a number of parallel worlds.

In many beliefs this number is a sign of resurrection and good. The Alexandrian philosopher argued the relationship of the eight with Jesus Christ and his ascension to heaven. The Babylonians, in their turn, connected the constituent part 98 with our star by the Sun. The famous mathematician Pythagoras went even further: he believed in the energy of love and friendship, enclosed within the figure-eight.