In 97 composition there is a nine and seven. Each of the numbers is unique in its own way and has a special impact on the character of a person, his life’s path. Nine is responsible for loving relationships, striving for spiritual development. It is a sign of altruism, unselfishness and the ability to self-sacrifice. Bearers 97 differ in their desire for high ideals and a romantic soul. They are literally overflowing with energy, which they can share with their environment.

No less interesting are the characteristics of the seven. Long since it was considered a sign of good luck. Its carriers often win in lotteries and achieve success in risky enterprises. And it also symbolizes faith, intelligence and well-developed intuition. As a rule, carriers of this number possess extrasensory abilities, which can be used for the benefit of other people. They are often carried away by religious currents and engage in spiritual practice. The mystical meaning of the number Meeting with the number 97 symbolizes the completion of the started cycle.

All the works invested in the recent case will be rewarded by higher forces. Carriers of this number are able to listen to their interlocutor, give the right advice. In Egypt, he was associated with the infinity of being, and the Indians are assured of the correspondence of the number with the location of his bearer in the universe. Thanks to the influence of nine and seven, a person is able to tune in to success and achieve results in complex projects. It is extremely important to correctly use the luck obtained from the higher powers and not to spend it on gambling.