The number 9 is the number of the triumph of the spirit over matter, the number of a person’s spiritual maturity. Number 9 – the last and strongest of the three main spiritual numbers in numerology. Let us remind ourselves that the spiritual numbers are: the seven, the eight, the nine.

The number 9 absorbs all the best from the number 7 and the number 8. The best is from the point of view of a person’s spiritual maturity. At number 7 the nine takes divine participation in the fate of the person. And from the number 8 nines borrows humility and voluntary acceptance of the Higher Will.

The number 9 in the language of numbers means spiritual wisdom. However, there is no material wisdom, any wisdom is spiritual. And, ironically, the bearers of spiritual wisdom sometimes become people far from the universally recognized ideals of holiness and purity.

And the figure 9 from the language of numbers is translated as spiritual enlightenment and spiritual intuition. Nine people (there are very few of them) are real sages. Not seers, not mages, not psychics, not gurus, namely wise men!

Numerology of number 9

Speaking of the number 9, it is necessary to understand: in the world wisdom has always been confused with clairvoyance, sorcery or simply occult erudition. How to calculate a living sage by means of numbers? No way, numerology here is powerless.

In general, odd numbers give only different hints on certain concepts. And then – the work of your spiritual intuition, which you either have, or it is not. Only spiritual intuition, expressed in numerology by the number 9, reveals to the very end the essence of numbers and the essence of man.

Explaining the meaning of numbers, adherents of spiritual numerology should distinguish spiritual wisdom from “everyday” (popular) wisdom. As we already know, spiritual wisdom in numerology is the number 9. But worldly wisdom is number 6. And in fact, worldly wisdom, it is not wisdom, but only actions and knowledge dictated by human experience (one’s own or another’s).

Regarding the number 6, life experience is an invaluable thing. But regarding the number 9 – empty, useless fuss. Why? Because everyday experience is measured by time and accumulates in space, and the nine does not obey the laws of space and time.

Number 9 lives by special laws – the laws of man’s spiritual states. What are spiritual states? Words are difficult to convey … For example, states for the spiritual world are the same as space, time and movement for the material world.

The spiritual world lives within spiritual states just as we live inside space and time. The whole aggregate of spiritual states in the language of numbers is expressed by the number 999.