89 consists of the eight and nine: each figure exerts an active influence on the number 89. The Eight is one of the most complex and unpredictable signs. It contains the duality of the world and human nature. This is a sign that contains the beginning and end of the cycle.

Mystic meaning

It is a symbol of two meanings woven together: the material world and spiritual equilibrium. Its main elements are two quadruples. They symbolize the opposites located on the bowls of balanced weights. It is the equality of all existing elements and elements. The Eight symbolizes justice, which punishes the guilty and rewards the righteous. Nine is a symbol of well-being and the pursuit of excellence.

This is the sign of the completed cycle and the next transformation of man. In it is hidden a whole galaxy of numbers, which are unstable due to a three-fold repetition. It can be multiplied by any of the available numbers, and the sum of all the elements will still generate a nine. It symbolizes the physical strength and perfection of the human body. It is a sign of the material world and all its vices. It is associated with struggle, unrestrained energy and destruction of habitual foundations.