888 is a powerful number that empowers its bearer with vivid qualities. It consists of three eights, each of which strengthens the influence of its neighbors. It is a symbol of patience and reliable rear, the ability to control one’s actions and a strong spirit. Three eights exude the energy of business activity, material well-being and responsibility for the decisions made. As a rule, such people are distinguished by wisdom, purposefulness and inner calmness. They revere the laws of karma and adhere to the principles of justice.

And all the blows of fate are accepted with humility and try to analyze the causes of the problems. Importance in numerology and culture Carriers of 888 differ rich life experience. It is accumulated due to numerous actions, mistakes and blows of fate. The knowledge they receive is passed on to their followers and to their closest associates. In many cultures, the eight are the symbol of infinity and immortal life. It is a cycle of nature, the beginning and the completion of the life cycle. The nearest astrological sign to three eights is Scorpio. He gives his carrier the opportunity to change reality and take practical action.