The number 88 is literally translated from the language of numbers as “wisdom for the sake of wisdom.” This is Wisdom of the highest order, having neither goals as such, nor causes, nor consequences. Traditionally, the tuned human brain can not “contain” the meaning of number 88.

The meaning of number 88 is wisdom that has passed through all stages of human consciousness: energy, logic, intuition, harmony, creativity, passion, “shock” from contact with the divine.

Among the 88 wisdom has risen to the level when it fills with its unique energy itself, as if accumulating forces before its highest manifestation in number 89. The number 89 is spiritual wisdom, the wisdom of the soul. It is the wisdom of the soul that is the transition into an absolutely unthinkable degree of divine wisdom.

The value of the number 88

The meaning of the number 88 in spiritual numerology (to which this site is dedicated) can also be viewed on the other hand. After all, the eight is the number of human destiny (no matter which one).

By the way, therefore, when I hear that someone wants to “calculate the number of fate,” I smile. The number of destiny can not be calculated, the number of destiny for any person is always the number 8!

In this context, the value of number 88 reflects the continuity and interconnection of human destinies within the Existence of one individual soul.

The soul periodically changes its “place of residence”, using for this purpose different shell bodies. The number 88 in the language of numbers tells us about this natural process, although it does not explain anything. Also the number 88 does not explain to us that not all souls agree on the next “examinations” in new bodies. And no one forces the dissent …

The number 88 never explains anything to us at all – there is no question-answer for it. At the same time, the number 88 contains a huge amount of valuable “karmic information”, which can not be taken in parts – either all at once or in any way.

The number 88 seems to speak to us with axioms that do not require proof …