The number 87 itself is considered quite rare. Most often, the influence of its main components – the eight and the seven – is being studied. The number eight symbolizes courage, self-confidence, unquestioned credibility and ability to fulfill the obligations undertaken. It is also associated with the increase of professional skills, personal freedom, business, success, financial sphere and wealth. In algebra there are two eights – one of them is a sign of infinity. Seven has its influence on eighty-seven.

It symbolizes a high level of spiritual development, aspirations for learning, mystical knowledge, inner voice. It is a symbol of the inner self that helps to solve the most complex and intricate situations. Bearers of this number often associate themselves with religious beliefs and esoteric practices. Mystical meaning Bearers 87 are sincere people who are able to empathize and help their loved ones. These are potential psychologists, social workers, doctors and religious figures. Such a person is trusted and often discovers the most secret corners of his soul.

The number seven represents the cycle of life: after birth follows adulthood, which is replaced by old age and death. And after the cycle is repeated again and so – to infinity. This number gives its bearer a certain amount of luck: it can help a little in solving existing problems, but it is not worthwhile to rely entirely on help from above. A frequent meeting with the 8 and the Seven reports the completion of the next stage and the beginning of a new life period.