84 consists of prime numbers eight and four. The Eight symbolizes an indisputable authority, self-confidence, ability to fulfill the obligations undertaken. It also symbolizes the inner core, which allows you to control your own life. It is the embodiment of material prosperity, prosperity and a full cup. Also, the eight are associated with a closed circle, which is a symbol of the beginning and end of the life cycle. Four is associated with practicality, punctuality and the ability to organize any business.

The ancient Greeks believed that it was ruled by Jupiter, the god of justice, equality and liberalism. The Mystical Meaning of the Numbers In eighty-four there are many meanings: it can be found in historical documents, ancient treatises and religious writings. The Egyptians believed in the cosmic origin of the number. They believed that the 84 included in the composition of the eight represents balance and balance. Chinese sages believed in parallel worlds. In their opinion, there are exactly 8 same universes as ours. Of course, 84 is also found in the Christian faith: this number can be found in the new covenant.

The Alexandrian philosopher believed that the part of the eighty-four eight is the symbol of Christ himself. The inhabitants of Babylon did not bypass it with their attention. In their opinion, this number is the symbol of the Sun, which gives life to all life on the planet. A frequent meeting with this number suggests that you should moderate your ardor and take off the rose-colored glasses. It is possible that you are a little carried away by a new idea and broke away from real life. In addition, your loved ones have been asking for help for a long time.