The 83 includes two single digits – a triple and a figure eight. The figure eight is also considered as the sum of two identical fours. The Eighth symbolizes personal power, unshakable authority and the ability to fulfill its obligations. This is a sign of the inner core, which does not break down under the influence of problems. This number also symbolizes material prosperity, the successful completion of the initiated cases and accumulated over the years of the existence of wealth. Troika embodies a positive mood, a desire to create and be loved. It is also a symbol of communication, eloquence and great taste.

Thanks to the influence of this number, the carrier skillfully communicates with other people and occupies a worthy place in the society. In addition, he is capable of good deeds of compassion and charity. The two figures included in the figure-eight are responsible for the ability to assemble and organize a complex production process. She is often credited with the qualities of a judge, patronized by the ancient god Jupiter. Mystical meaning Carriers 83 have pronounced psychic abilities.

This fact allows them to connect their lives with mystical knowledge, mysterious teachings and occult sciences. Thanks to the influence of the triple, the carrier 83 has a magnificent appearance and youth. External youth is reflected in the state of the soul: such people, even in their youth, remain cheerful, cheerful and independent. Chinese sages believed that among the eighty-three lies the unity of the material and spiritual world. This fact is mentioned in ancient beliefs and ritual books. In the teachings of Maya, he is associated with the feminine principle, conception and motherhood.