82 Eights embody authoritarianism and the desire for personal power. It is a symbol of self-reliance and the ability to achieve the goal. This number helps its carrier to achieve professional success in the chosen field of activity and to deserve the praise of colleagues. Eight emits energy of wealth, success and material well-being. And in mathematics, it is associated with the infinity of the universe. The second number is a two. It is a symbol of the existence of mankind and the embodiment of duality.

It shows the energy of opposition and division. Also, this number symbolizes the good, which passes from the hands of the donor into the hands of the person who needs it. Meaning in mysticism, culture, and religion The 82-figure eight symbolizes balance in the universe. The ancient Chinese believed that in addition to our world there are also 7 parallel worlds. A well-known surgeon Ambroise believed that the figure eight is the numerical embodiment of the very son of the Lord. It is a symbol of renewal, of infinite life and resurrection.

Philosophers of the times of ancient Alexandria are sure that in this number the symbol of friendly and love relations is hidden. For him they even came up with their own name. The Babylonians associate the figure eight with our star – the Sun. They depicted it in the form of a circle, which is covered with four pairs of hands. The Japanese still believe today that the eight attracts wealth and prosperity.