The number 8 is one of the most powerful and influential numbers in the destiny of a person. So powerful and influential that the eight, in fact, is the destiny of man.

Eight in the language of numbers embodies that eternal truth that everything repeats and there is nothing new under the sky …

The meaning of the number 8 is best comprehended by examples from life. For example, different people work in different jobs, study different specialties, give birth to different children, fight for various reasons. Everything is really different and constantly changing! However, the essence remains unchanged.

And the essence of the above is always the same: work, study, continuation of the family, war. This invariance of what is happening is reflected in the number 8. This is the basic meaning of the eight in spiritual numerology.

Numerology of number 8

Numerology of number 8 is built around the understanding that everything in the world changes in form, but does not change in essence, there is nothing new and will not be. The number 8 in spiritual numerology is the personification of calm, patient Wisdom. At different levels of human existence and consciousness (all of these levels are eleven), the number 8 manifests its wisdom in different ways.

Eight on the lower, material levels of Being is the number of diplomacy. Number of smoothing of acute angles in relations between people, settling conflict situations. The figure 8 differs peace and flexibility.

True, the flexibility of the number 8 is illusory. Despite the fact that the G8 people often agree with everything, they eventually still act in their own way, regardless of anybody. Why? Because they simply can not be considered with anyone! They are too self-contained …

The value of the number 8

The number 8 always, all and all returns to the starting point. Therefore, the eight is the opponent of progress, than is very different, say, from the number 5. The five is the engine of progress, the source of everything new. Five people are revolutionaries by their nature.

The number 8 in spiritual numerology sometimes very much resembles the number 2.

The G-8 people are incorrigible conservatives, like the two people. But if the numeral 2 in numerology personifies material, and therefore aggressive conservatism, then the figure 8 represents spiritual conservatism.

Spiritual conservatism from the material is different in that it gently and wisely returns the “actors” to the state in which they want to see them. The two people for the sake of their principles go to an open confrontation and say: “No, I do not agree!”. The G8 people shy away from the struggle and say: “Well, let it be as you want, I do not argue!”, And then quietly and accurately furnish everything in its own way.