Number 79 – in this number the Divine Hand reminds of itself exclusively in the name of spiritual values ​​and spiritual development of a person. Sometimes the energy of the number 79 is activated when we are too addicted to material wealth, and sometimes for completely incomprehensible reasons.

The value of number 79 is difficult to comprehend. The fact is that people are unable to grasp the spiritual horizons of the development of the Soul by Mind. Even the word “development” in relation to the Soul (spiritual body) sounds absolutely ridiculous. But how else can this be called? ..

In number 79 the number 7 maximally reveals its spiritual essence. The number 79 is the true revelation of Heaven. Among the 79 God as if explains to a man, WHY he interferes in his life. Alas, like most divine revelations, this revelation also remains behind the scenes of our Consciousness, too tied to the postulates of the material world.