777 is endowed with considerable energy: it is given by the seven, used three times in a row. Seven is a symbol of spirituality, active development and work on oneself. It is a sign of higher forces, inner voice and mystical phenomena in the material world. It gives a person fundamental knowledge, gives the ability to delve into the essence of things. And, of course, the three sevens symbolize Luck itself. Value and influence on human life This is an extremely rare combination of numbers: it can be found in a limited number of people.

It is a symbol of magical influence and knowledge that are beyond the control of the average person. In ancient times, such people were immediately noticed and attached to mystical rituals. Most of the shamans, seers and alchemists had in their life set these figures. In addition to sevens, they have a number twenty-one: it is easy to obtain by adding individual components. In turn, 21 can be reduced to a triple, which has an impact on human life. As a rule, the three is a symbol of luck and well-being, but its strength is several times less than that of the seven.

The appearance of three sevens informs you of a speedy success. This is your reward for hard work and a righteous lifestyle. You have managed to keep the purity of your karma and now you receive a well-deserved reward. It is possible that you will see wonderful events. For example, the healing of a deadly person, an unexpected gain or a cardinal change in the character of a person. Your life path is cleared of obstacles, and on each shoulder the angel keeper settles. Do not be afraid of difficult situations: it will necessarily result in material gain or a positive decision.