The number 777 is essentially the same as the numbers 7 and 77 – the intervention of Heaven in the affairs of the earth. And the mentioned numbers differ only in the degree and force of the impact on a person.

It is fair to say that the numbers 777 and 77 are the evolution of the number 7. That is, the number 77 is a developed seven. And the number 777 is a developed, “improved” number 77, transferred to another level of the Force.

The number 777 acts immediately on three levels of life: on the material level (body, money, life, work), on the thought-sensory level (where our thoughts and feelings are born, live and die). But also the number 777 fatally transforms our third, spiritual level.

On the spiritual level of the human nature, thoughts and feelings, if they live, are only those that are devoted to spiritual discoveries. And even then, these few spiritual thoughts and feelings can not be conveyed in any words, and therefore I do not even take them into account when analyzing the human fate.

The value of the number 777

The influence of the number 777 is so voluminous and fatal, which in fact marks the birth of a new man. Therefore, the significance of the number 777 in spiritual numerology is analogous to the concept of resurrection in Judaism and Christianity. And this is despite the fact that in Judaism we are talking about the resurrection of bodies, and in Christianity – about the resurrection of souls …

The number 777 implies both the first and second. And even the third – as in Buddhism, for example, when the resurrection of a person is associated with his spiritual enlightenment, the attainment of Buddha consciousness.