The meaning of the number 77 in spiritual numerology consists of the value of the two sevens, which make up it. The number 7 from the language of numbers is translated as “the intervention of the Divine Hand in human destiny”.

Spiritual numerology explains that such an intervention, that is, the active work of the energy of the number 77, never happens for the sake of causing a person evil. However, it can be perceived by us as evil, since the powerful influence of the number 77 sometimes literally breaks down human life!

It breaks not for the sake of breaking, but in order to rebuild it anew, to direct the Energy of Life in a completely different direction. And the more a person resists the influence of the number 77, the less he understands what is happening to him in reality, the harder and more painful these “breaks” are.

The value of 77

From the language of numbers “seventy-seven” is still translated as “divine, heavenly energy.” The heavenly energy of number 77 is subordinated exclusively to spiritual logic. Spiritual logic from the standard (material) is distinguished by the fact that nothing contradicts anything in it.

The usual logic works like this: “yes” or “no”. Spiritual logic works according to the following principle: “Yes” and “No”. However, spiritual logic is a topic for a separate article, if in fact this huge topic really fit into one article … But let’s return to the value of number 77.

77 is actively involved in “work” over a person for various reasons. Home – to reorient the human Consciousness from one aspects of Being to others, from false life values ​​to true ones, from wrong thoughts and actions to the right ones. Expressed in computer language, reboot.