The number 7 together with the numbers 8 and 9 refers to the category of spiritual numbers. A seven is considered a lucky number. This is partly true. The only question is what to call success. Most people believe that luck is blind and use the word “luck” in this sense – they say, just lucky!

But the meaning of the number 7 is that luck is by no means blind. Moreover, she has a beautiful vision and sees through the person right through. Therefore, luck is not undeserved. She turns to face someone who really should get it. To whom is it supposed?

The figure 7 on this score has its own evaluation criteria. And the criteria of the seven do not always coincide with ours. How often does it seem to us that a person “is not worthy of his own happiness.” But this is a mistake. And if we really think so, then we simply do not understand the meaning of the number 7 in numerology.

The seven in the language of numbers means Divine intervention in the destiny of man. The methods and forms of such intervention are reflected in the number 70, as well as in the numbers 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79. This phenomenon I called the evolution of the number 7.

Intervention of the seven in everyday everyday life is always unexpected and unpredictable. You never know the time when it will come, because the figure 7 does not live according to the laws of Time, but according to the laws of Eternity.

This fact is especially clearly manifested in the number 77, where one seven says about Eternity, the second – about the illusion of time, and both essentially explain the same thing.

From the number 7, in view of his divine origin, you can not hide anything. The seven is the most insightful of all major numbers. All sorts of predictors from numerology, trying to predict the unpredictable and foresee the unforeseen, involuntarily turn to number 7. But the seven does not reveal its secrets to anyone.

The value of the number 7

What is the value of 7? I mean, what is the esoteric meaning of number 7 in spiritual numerology? The seven is the number of the Great Divine Secrets.

The number 7 gives people sometimes a glimpse of luck, but not at all to explain the origins and meaning of this luck. The seven seem to speak, of course, in the language of numbers: “Today you are lucky, rejoice! And do not meddle with your stupid philosophizing to where you do not need to climb”.

The number 7 does not like magicians and fortune tellers, because they dare to solve the Mystery. It is the Mystery that makes a person happy or unhappy, fortunate or unlucky. The seven in numerology is the patroness of the secret spiritual Truths.