Among the 699 the number 69 manifests itself in spiritual self-disclosure. Moreover, a person can not even think about it, and in general nothing to know about the soul or about spiritual aspirations!

The meaning of the number 699 is that the eternal struggle between the spiritual and physical principles of man (although in fact, they do not fight, but cooperate, being at different “poles”) ends in the victory of the Spirit. From this moment, human life is subordinated to “spiritual expediency” and all events occur in strict accordance with the needs of the Soul (spiritual body).

The essence of the number 699 is that a person begins to exist not according to the laws of material nature, but according to the laws of spiritual nature. This is a kind of shock, – things happen to us, inexplicable by the traditional logic of the mind. When the energy of the number 699 “works” with us, the usual logic is completely useless!