The number 698 stimulates a person to comprehend wisdom. And at the same time can deprive him of his faith in God. It’s no wonder – after all, what is the point of praying, if everything in human life is written out, as if on notes and nothing can be changed ?

Among the 698 number 69 (that is, the person himself, in translation from the language of numbers) manifests itself through the eight. And the number 8 is the number of wisdom and the number of human destiny (the interpretation in one or another direction depends on the level of human being and consciousness).

Penetration into the meaning of the number 698 obliges the spiritual philosopher to correctly understand the essence of human destiny as such! Fate really is inevitable. But human life is also the possibility of a free choice between Good and Evil. A paradox, is not it?

The energy of number 698 teaches us to correctly distinguish: when nothing changes in our life (and then the best is just to accept), and when the further course of circumstances depends on you (!). Such a “discernment” is a sign of a mature Mind, a direct indication of wisdom. And in the comprehension of wisdom, the essence of the number is 698.