The number 696 in spiritual numerology means that the whole human being is consumed by “low” passions. Everything, without the rest. Here and sex, and a thirst for profit, and a thirst for power. Moreover, in the realization of the “energy of sin” not only the material essence of a person takes part, but also the spiritual component of man.

Among 696 the number 69 shows its diverse human potential through the six. This explains the indomitable rampage of passions.

The meaning of the number 696 implies the boiling of any human passions, including a passion for lies, cruelty. Even a passion for mercy! Yes, spiritual numerology distinguishes genuine charity from passion to charity. Passion for mercy, although not an “official” sin, is not a benefactor either.

And in general, the human passions generated by the desire to be in paradise (who does not want to go to heaven after death ?!) in spiritual numerology are considered separately. These passions are too good for sins, but too “dirty” for the personification of spiritual purity. And this is also the essence of the number 696!