Number 695 – the spiritual and physical essence of a person realizes himself in creativity. Creativity is omnipresent. Even the most “uncreative” people, completely devoid of imagination, clumsily demonstrate creative attempts. But they demonstrate (!), Try, invent something, paint a reality around themselves, which does not correspond to our ideas about it and our expectations from it.

By the way, it is to the number 695 that we are indebted for not being able to perceive things as they really are. We do not know how to be inside of objective reality. We are subjective, we perceive the world not directly, but as we imagine it. This is normal, on this basis any creativity is based!

Still, deciphering the meaning of the number 695, it is necessary to remember: if the shoemakers were repairing their shoes with their ideas of nails and glue, and not with real nails and glue, they would turn from popular specialists into useless dreamers …