The number 694 – symbolizes the balance between the spiritual and physical beginning of man. Strictly speaking, in the absolute sense, the slightest violation of this balance immediately leads to physical death.

However, with a more superficial interpretation, the number 694 is simply a peaceful state of a person when, for example, he thinks that he “lived his life knowingly,” or “did not waste his energy” for the implementation of some ideas.

In addition, the energy of the number 694 is the energy of ideal meditation. Here, in the ecstasy of self-knowledge, the soul and body seem to sign a “peace treaty” with each other and the surrounding world.

It is in the number of 694 that man’s spiritual and material thoughts reach the maximum mutual understanding and are ready for equal cooperation, in which the leading role is unconditionally given to the Almighty, relying on His wisdom, and not on his momentary whims. In such a state (in the state of the number 694, speaking in the language of spiritual numerology), man is the very Wholeness of Being.

You will not learn it specially … But once you have experienced it, you will not forget it.