The number 693 is the manifestation of Love on all levels of human being and consciousness. Man lives in the eleven levels of being and consciousness simultaneously: the spiritual level, the intuitive, the sensual, the mental, etc. – In this article, I do not want to delve into the details of this multifaceted topic.

The number 693 in spiritual numerology essentially describes all the human abilities and abilities associated with the manifestation of love. Love for mercy, love of war, love for revenge, love for good, love for evil, love for ambition, love for career growth, love for children, love for the opposite sex, love for money, love for fame, love for comfort.

The number 693 teaches us to perceive LOVE as a broad, comprehensive concept, without which nothing is possible. About some man they say: “there is no love in him, he is a hardened criminal.” Nonsense! In him, too, lives Love – love of crime.

The number 693 also means that without love, a person could not exist. Moreover, could not exist not only in our material world, but also in the “afterlife”, spiritual. Souls (spiritual bodies) behave in strict accordance with the inclinations and characteristics of their love – just (!), As in our world a person naturally tends to what he loves.

After all, we want only what we love. A