Number 692 – the spiritual and physical components of a person reside in the darkness of human weaknesses and principles. Between our weaknesses and principles it is appropriate to put an equal sign. Since we declare our own principles in strict accordance with our weaknesses.

So, for example, if we are afraid of anarchy, we proclaim a principle that establishes order! If we are afraid of death, we are fighting for life, for the principle of “surviving at any cost” or for the principle of “enjoy life.”

If we are afraid of life, we are principally (though often unconsciously) striving for death … The more obvious our weaknesses, the firmer our principles are.

When interpreting the number 692, it must be borne in mind that a significant part of our principles live on a subconscious level (especially in women!). Therefore, they are difficult to detect – because of what is so often incomprehensible motives of our actions …