In 67 composition there are two completely different figures – the six and the seven. Each of them exerts its own, unique influence on a more complex number of sixty-seven. Of course, the leading element is the six. She is responsible for the feeling of love and the ability of a person to take care of others. It is the Six that fills the person with cheerfulness and the desire for harmony and family well-being. Due to its influence, the carrier is able to responsibly treat the task in hand and fulfill all obligations assumed. The influence of the seven is no less important: it is a symbol of success, luck and prosperity. Almost all people who have a seven in the numerical matrix are credited with mystical abilities.

Of these, qualified esoterics, conscientious priests and religious figures are obtained. Of course, this figure gives your carrier luck. But this does not mean that the owner of such a gift should regularly experience his fate. Mystical meaning Carriers 67 are extraordinarily caring people. They are great listeners who are able to understand a strange problem and give effective advice. A frequent meeting with the six and the seven indicates the end of the started business or life period. And this means that you should prepare for the next, more difficult stage.

In sixty-seven, the symbol of the universe itself is hidden: this is clearly seen in the sum of the four and three, which are responsible for the earth’s firmament and the air sky. The Egyptians believed that eternal life and immortality awaited carriers. Indians, in turn, consider this number as the coordinates by which a person can be found in the spiritual space. To achieve success in life from the carrier of sixty-seven requires the smallest – compliance with the laws of conscience and spirit.