The number 666 verbatim from the language of numbers is translated as “Power. Sex. Money”. In practice, striving for power, sex and money are the main driving forces (incentives) of material, visible life. Therefore, the number 666 is the basis of material Being and Consciousness.

The number 666 expresses itself the Energy that fills life with the physical nature of man. To be afraid of this number is the same as to be afraid of one’s own body, one’s own desires and passions.

The meaning of the number 666 is absolutely identical to the meaning of the six. The number 666 is the same number 6, only that is looked at from three different sides simultaneously. It can be formulated as follows: the number 666 is a three-dimensional image of the six. Something like 3-D graphics in the world of numbers.

It’s simple, if you look at the root and see only the very essence. This is the spiritual numerology (which is dedicated to this site) – nothing superfluous, minor and frivolous!