66 consists of two sixes, which have the same characteristics. Thanks to this, 66 can be considered as six squares. They are filled with energy of love relationships, romance and harmony. The carriers of this number tend to achieve harmony in each of the chosen activities. They are devoted people, able to take care of friends in a difficult moment. In their numerical matrix, there are signs of empathy and the ability to sacrifice their goods for the sake of other people.

Mystical significance Ancient Greek philosophers believed that 66 conceals the very notion of superiority. The basic number six is ​​a factor, the sum of which is always the same. In ancient Rome, he was associated with love and carnal pleasures. And all because the goddess Venus is governed by two sixes. Mention of this number is also found in Christianity: for the creation of peace, God took 7 days, and on the sixth man was created – the ideal creation. All carriers of a given number are distinguished by a developed humanism.

They literally revel in their work and are able to achieve success in many areas. But best of all they are given the activities of a psychologist, teacher, medical or social worker. Perhaps, medicine is the closest subject. And it does not matter who the carrier 66 is – the chief doctor or the guard nurse.