In 65 composition there are two simple figures – a six and a five. Each of them exerts its influence on a person, his destiny and character. With a six, a sense of responsibility, infinite love is connected. It is a symbol of harmony, family warmth and coziness, a home and parental love. The figure six gives his carrier the desire to take care of other people, as well as the ability to sacrifice the benefits for the sake of others. This is one of the most philanthropic figures and its impact is of great importance.

The influence of the five differs from the previously considered six. It is filled with the energy of freedom and progressiveness. Its carriers rarely adhere to established rules and most often have their own view of established things. This is a sign of lack of principles and personal experience. Thanks to her influence, a person adapts to new circumstances and has the ability to invent something new.

The mystical meaning of the number Sixty-five occurs in different beliefs: this figure can be found in the culture of many countries and peoples. The Chinese were confident that the 65-member of the 65 is a symbol of male power. The well-known psychologist Jung considered her a sign of carnal relations and physical love. The ancient philosopher Agrippa believed that she embodies the bonds of marriage. The same opinion was shared by the ancient Romans. The followers of the teachings of Kabbalah went even further: they believe that the five are the main sign of the ideal person. On our hands are five fingers, so many senses. And if you place the image of a person in a circle, we get a figure with five corners.