64 is a complex number consisting of two simple digits – sixes and fours. The six is ​​filled with love energy: it symbolizes the balance of power, harmonious relations in the family and the warmth of the home. This is a sign of good people who are ready to help a person without any self-interest. The fourth symbolizes practicality, organizational skills and exact sciences. The ancient Greeks believed that the quartet was protected by the god Jupiter, which is a symbol of justice.

The four also have the influence of all the numbers that are in the row before it. They give the carrier perseverance, the ability to give oneself to the chosen profession and scrupulousness. The four can be represented in the form of a square, in which all sides are equal. It is also often associated with a cross. Meaning in mythology, religion and history In Roman mythology, this figure is inextricably linked with the love theme, and the ancient Greek philosophers considered it an analogue of perfection. In number 64 there is a number six: just as many days have passed since the beginning of the creation of the world before the appearance of man on earth.

Therefore, this figure can be considered a symbol of accumulated knowledge and material prosperity. The carriers of 64 differ in calm and balanced character. They get along well with people and are able to transfer their accumulated experience. Quite often they choose for themselves the profession of a teacher, medical or social worker. The appearance of sixty-four is a sure sign of health problems. Also, higher powers require from you increased attention to their close people.