63  includes two simple digits – a six and a triplet. Each of them contributes to the general significance of 63, its influence on the life path and character of the carrier. Six is ​​the leading figure: it is supplemented by a triple. Troika is responsible for the joy, optimism, the ability to dialogue and build new relationships. It is a symbol of good taste and ability to understand art. It also symbolizes intellectual abilities, friendly relations, compassion and a desire to help other people in difficult situations.

Six is ​​responsible for the love relationship, the warmth of the family hearth and affection for the home. It is filled with the energy of love for children and self-sacrifice. Significance in the culture and beliefs of various peoples 63 refers to complex numbers. In ancient Greece, he was considered an excellent number and revered for the presence of six with equal in number of factors. Roman thinkers believed that this number is responsible for sexual desire, bodily love and the presence of a maternal feeling.

The appearance on the path of life 63 allows the wearer to show the most vivid human feelings: compassion, love for neighbor, humanity. People endowed with a six and a troika are excellent teachers and born psychologists. They have the ability to transfer the accumulated experience and understand other people’s problems better than their possessor. Sixty-three says that a loved one needs your help and support.