60 consists of two simple digits – sixes and zero. Each of them influences the general appearance of the number sixty. Six is ​​a symbol of love and harmony. It is a sign of balance, balance and inner peace. This figure embodies the family life, home comfort and warmth of the hearth. It is a symbol of parental duty and concern for one’s neighbor. Thanks to her influence, the person becomes softer: he has compassion, understanding of the problems of other people and the desire to help. Zero is a symbol of infinite motion: it can be represented as a line that is self-contained. At one point, there is both a beginning and an end, and so the movement continues without any stops.

In Christianity, zero is associated with divine heat. In the center is a small point, from which the waves of divine influence diverge. In addition, zero is the most harmonious figure: its left half is a mirror image of the right. Such a symmetry is nothing but a symbol of harmony and balance. Importance in culture and religion Sixes are found in religious and historical treatises. Euclid was sure that this is an excellent number. The Romans, in turn, associated it with love and fertility. They believed that the six are controlled by Venus herself.

In Christianity, the sixth day is the moment of the appearance of man. The crown of creation arose after all other goods were created (land, water, sky, plants and animals). So the figure six is ​​associated with savings, harvest and prosperity.