The number 6 people’s rumor considers the devil’s number, the number of dark forces. However, in itself, the six in the language of numbers symbolizes not something evil and dark, but only a victory of Matter over the Spirit, a body over the soul. Of course, the “victory” is a conditional concept.

Number 6

Analyzing the meaning of the number 6, the adherent of spiritual numerology should clearly understand: matter (body) can not defeat the spirit (soul) in the literal sense of the word. The same is true: the spirit is not able to overcome matter. Because they are on different “floors” of the Universe!

However, purely psychologically (even at a subconscious level), a person always counterposed the spirit – matter, and the body – the soul. This opposition, on the one hand, seems ridiculous. But on the other hand, it’s not a coincidence!

Not by chance, if only because neither in the world of people, nor in the world of random numbers there is. In spiritual numerology, there is not even such a figure, which from the language of numbers would be translated as “randomness”. In general, by chance, we are accustomed to call that logic of events, which we do not understand or accept.

The value of the number 6

The six by its very nature is not so much a “victory” as the triumph of Matter over the Spirit. Triumph and victory are different concepts, but people tend to confuse them when interpreting the meaning of numbers. There is nothing to worry about in this confusion, just the value of the number 6 is strongly distorted in the end …

Being influenced by the figure 6, a person unconditionally prefers spiritual wealth. What in the language of numbers means the preference of the number 6 to the number 9. In the state of the “six” a person follows the dictates of the body, and not the dictates of the soul.

By the way, the meaning of the number 6 is interesting to trace in children of six years old. They have not yet reached puberty and have not had time to “cling” to money. But the basis of their future sexual passion and other “six” passions is laid at this age. More about this you can read in my article Stages of child development in numerology.