There are three fives in 555 that supplement and reinforce each other. It is a symbol of strong-willed decisions, active progress, new achievements and solutions to pressing problems. Also, this number is responsible for idealistic intentions and the desire to do unexpected things. The appearance of this number symbolizes the swift changes. Do not be afraid of them: every change will be beneficial and bring significant results. All the goals set will be achieved, but for new achievements it will be necessary to get rid of excess cargo. Perhaps it will be a boring job or friends who are driving you astray. Mystical meaning The time of fears is over: now you have powerful support in the person of your own guardian angel.

He will be able to point the right way and protect against unwanted events. It is possible that you do not see the big picture, and all the changes scare you. It’s not worth to be afraid: everything that happens today will bear fruit tomorrow. It’s time to get rid of old doubts and worldly fuss: you are ripe for spiritual development and deepening of the inner world. Do not try to change the fate yourself: any resistance to a powerful current is useless. You are a sliver sailing along a stormy river: sooner or later you will be able to see your cherished shore.