Among the 50 – Creativity rests and ripens, patiently waiting for a unit (energy), which will breathe into it the necessary spiritual impulse. For the beginning of any evolution (and creativity is always evolution, in whatever direction it moves), an initial spiritual impulse is needed.

This impulse determines the strength and quality of the future created world, which includes your life, your family, your work.

Do not think that our World has already been created a long time ago, and we have nothing to add to it. This is a common illusion, a kind of protective mechanism for an unprepared mind. In fact, the process of creating the world never ends. The end of this process would mean immediate death (physical death or spiritual – depends on the intensity of your perception of Life).

Among the 50 the Creator and his Creation are one, they constitute one indivisible whole. I call this stage of creativity Absolute Peace. And you name, as you like, the names do not really matter if you grasp the essence.

The main meaning of the number 50 is the creativity of absolute rest. Or the absolute peace of creativity. Or absolute creativity of rest. In this case, changing the order of words, does not distort the essence of the number 50, but, on the contrary, makes it more voluminous, comprehensive …

The absolute creative rest of the number 50 bears in itself the enormous potential of the future Man or the future World, which in its original essence is one and the same. After all, man creates the surrounding world from himself – from his thoughts, abilities, feelings, ideas, hopes, disappointments, deeds, etc.

Creation is inseparable from the Creator! The world that we create is inseparable from us. By the way, therefore, there is no point in complaining about the “unfulfilled” life. What surrounds us completely corresponds to us! And this is another meaning of the figure 50.