The meaning of the number 50 is made up of the meanings of two numbers: the five and zero. The number 5 in spiritual numerology means “creativity”, “war” and “sex.” But since war is the creation of history, and sex is the creativity of the body, it will not be a mistake to say that the five means only Creativity. The digit 0 from the language of numbers is translated as “absolute rest”.

In the interpretation of the number 50 the key concept is “creativity”. Life itself is Creativity, but all that does not seem to us creativity, is still its derivative. Therefore, fifty can be called the number of Life, or more precisely, the hidden potential of life.


Fifty – internally maturing, but apparently still unmanifest potential creativity. By the way, spiritual numerology (to which this site is dedicated) is also unique in that it allows us to track the whole evolution of Creativity – from the initial spiritual impulses of the Universe (or man) to the final manifestation and rooting in the material world.


Value of number 50

The value of the number 50 is the joint creativity of God and Man. In general, divine and human creativity exist on the same principle: the destruction of the old and the creation of a new one.

The difference between divine creativity and human is only on a scale. Although by and large, and on a scale there is not the slightest difference, if we talk about a person as a spiritual entity, and not just as a person.


We are created in the image and likeness of the Most High and create our worlds just like He is our own. Home, work, family, friends – is not this the world that we “paint” ourselves, coloring it with our own multi-colored thoughts?

The world around us is an exhibition of our paintings, by which we try in every possible way to fill the price, so that it is more expensive to sell or exchange for power, glory, respect for others …