The number 5 is the most creative number in spiritual numerology. The five, just like the unit, creates a new one, generates ideas. But if the number 5 generates ideas from Chaos, the number 1 – from the Order.

The five from the language of numbers is translated as “creativity of chaos”. The unit of the language of numbers is translated as “creativity of order”. How significant are these numbers in numerology, one can judge by the fact that the very existence of the universe is a creative combination of Chaos and Order.

When interpreting the number 5 it is very important to understand that a person is a small copy of the Universe.

If we mean only Creativity as such (irrespective of chaos and order), then it makes sense to talk only about the number of 5. And we can leave the unit alone.

The number 5 in spiritual numerology has two main meanings: creativity and war (struggle, disputes and quarrels). Concerning its intransigence and intractability, the five is very similar to the deuce. It is no accident that the number 5 is the number 2, put on its head.

The value of the number 5 in comparison with the deuce

What is the main difference between the five and the deuce in spiritual numerology? The number 2 from the language of numbers is translated as meaningless wars and conflicts “out of principle” – the usual clash of human ambitions.

And the number 5 from the language of numbers is translated as a useful war, if the word “useful” is generally appropriate in relation to the destructive processes by which any war is in fact.

The number 5 is, for example, a war that leads to the blossoming of the state, the overthrow of obsolete order. A five in spiritual numerology often means a struggle (external or internal struggle of a person with oneself) for the sake of elementary survival.

Number 2 is a war that brings nothing but ruin, grief and economic decline. And if we are talking about the inner struggle of a person with himself, then number 2 can bring emotional devastation, depression and a state of despair.