49 consists of nine and four: each of the figures has its own, powerful effect on the person. The four is a symbol of price and endurance: it gives the bearer a sense of self-worth and allows you to trust other people. It is a sign of diligence and diligence: as a rule, people rewarded with this figure are striving for certainty and differ in a practical approach to life. The ninth adds its own influence: it gives inner wisdom, empowers a person with strength and dedication. It is also a symbol of Destiny and spiritual enlightenment.

Meaning in mythology and culture. The figure 49 is found everywhere: it can be found in religious beliefs and ancient writings. Exactly such a number of words in the Latin prayer to God, and the Buddha sat under the Bo tree for forty-nine days. In this number, the symbol for the completion of the cycle is hidden, after which time it is time to score the results and extract important life lessons. This is a time of reflection and analysis of the experience gained, which helps to avoid mistakes in future work.

Forty-nine calls on a person to get rid of unnecessary things and thoughts and take in the new life cycle only the most necessary. The door to the future is already open, and you are standing on its threshold. You are waiting for significant changes that can frighten an unprepared person. Fear is not worth it: Fate remembers you, and provided the necessary protection. Do not be afraid of lost opportunities: each of them is only a probability of success. Not the fact that the lost chance would have allowed to succeed.