he four symbolize practicality and the desire for order, and its carrier is under the authority of the most organized planet – Jupiter. They are honest and just people, able to answer for their actions and see most of the life traps. The second figure in the number 48 is the figure eight. It is the embodiment of a strong nature, a strong inner core and material well-being. As a rule, carriers of the number 8 earn decent monetary sums and are quite relaxed in their actions.

They do not know the barriers and constantly move towards a new goal. Mystical meaning Once one vertex is subdued, the carriers of the figure-eight come up with new tests for themselves. This figure can be regarded as a symbol of infinite motion. The four is the heir of all numbers that stand in a row in front of her. Its carriers are pedantic, and therefore think through their new projects to the smallest detail. Its counterpart is a cross or geometric figure square. In both cases, the figures have an equal number of elements of the same size.