46 hides the influence of two separate numbers – the fours and the sixes. People, endowed with this figure, differ in a friendly mood and desire to do good deeds. And the good is not only on paper, but also in the form of practical actions. Carriers 46 do not require any gratitude for this, they do not seek to obtain titles, awards or material benefits. Positive impact on the character As a rule, such individuals are in love with pets and are happy to help homeless four-legged creatures.

Animals respond to these people with reciprocity: a severe eagle can sit on their shoulder, and a fighting dog, raised by a real killer, joyfully liznete hand. They are born psychologists, able to save an outsider from committing a foolish deed, down to suicide. Out of them, you will find great social workers, preachers and missionaries. Negative influence on the character of a person Excess of kindness and a desire to help the whole world turns a number carrier into a trusting person. This is actively used by experienced sharers, leaders of religious sects, marketers and advertising agencies. Such a person can easily be fooled, take away real estate or property, attract to hard and unpaid work.

The only protection against such an impact is the presence in the close environment of the carrier of forty-six more pragmatic people. It is he who can keep his friend from a foolish act and the influence of fraudulent groups.