444 consists of three quadruples, and each of them has the same characteristics. The four is a symbol of heavy and purposeful work, responsibility for commitments. In addition, it is responsible for a strong foundation, which should be laid under each of the projects. It is a sign of wisdom, intelligence and prudence, forward movement and innovative processes. The mystical meaning of the figure The main influence is exerted by the quartet, of which the number 444 is composed.

This is the engine that causes the person to move towards the intended goal. It is a symbol of daily work and drops of water, which successfully destroy even the most powerful stones. The triple repetition of the four symbolizes the main elements of our planet: the earth’s firmament, airspace, fiery subsoil and an endless water surface. In addition, there are 4 poles: north, south pole, sunrise and west. Do not worry about your future: higher forces give you luck and ensure the success of any enterprise. At a time when you are overcome with fatigue, remember the support of the guardian angel. It will help to cope with the difficult situation.