43 clearly shows the impact of the four and three. The four are responsible for practicality, the ability to organize their time and accuracy. The ancient Greeks were sure that the four are connected with the god Jupiter, who acts as a just judge. The four does not allow their wearer to wear rose-colored glasses, as they distract from real work and prevent focusing on important details. Troika is responsible for optimism, joyful mood and creative thinking.

It allows a person to feel confident in an unfamiliar company and to perfectly understand the art, fashion, painting. This number gives a person a well-developed intellect, without depriving them of compassion, friendliness and good feelings. Such people are fond of studying occult teachings and mystical phenomena. As a rule, they try to develop in themselves extrasensory abilities. Mystical significance 43 Forty-three is nothing more than an inverted figure 34. Therefore, people endowed with a given number differ in their striving for material well-being and an increased level of doubt for their actions. They are quite wealthy people, not bound by contracts and business relationships. They love to create and invent new machines.

Due to a well-developed fantasy, the carriers of forty-three often become writers, artists or poets. Such people do not support family traditions and instead of following in the footsteps of their parents, they choose their own way of development. In their lifetime, they can change many professions: and so it will be until they choose a favorite thing for themselves.