42 contains a four and a two. Four is responsible for practicality and diligence, a solid foundation and the ability to endure all the blows of fate. It helps to disclose all creative abilities and increases labor productivity. In addition, the four are tightly tied to passion and motivation. It is these qualities that allow a person to move forward, no matter what. The twin is responsible for the partnership and the ability to establish strong business ties, it symbolizes the sense of duty and gives the person inner harmony.

Its influence is manifested in the form of diplomacy and cooperation. Mystic value The sum of four and two creates a six – the main symbol of home comfort. It is the opposite of passion, but at the same time gives a person a sense of peace and reliability. In esoteric practice, the figure 42 is a numerical representation of the teacher and student. This is clearly seen from a simple mathematical action: 7×6 = 42. Seven is the symbol of a teacher with magical abilities, and the six is ​​a home cosiness and a sense of security.

The number 42 was actively used in ancient Egypt, and in the modern world, scientists discovered a physical constant associated with this figure. As it turned out, all structural formations can be decomposed into 42 orders. No less often it occurs in the biblical writings: exactly 42 months Jesus Christ preached the Word of God and urged people to repent of their sins.