41 shows the influence of the four and one. The unit is responsible for new ideas, active progress and a desire to expand their knowledge. It is a symbol of success, activity and achievements. Four, in turn, gives the person practicality and allows you to organize your time clearly. According to Greek mythology, Jupiter is firmly connected with the four. He is considered a fair arbitrator, who always protects the destitute. The sum of the four and the unit gives rise to a five.

It symbolizes new trends, the destruction of established ties and the desire for individualism. Many numerologists are sure that it is the five that gives the person the ability to adapt to the most volatile and complex situations. The ancient Chinese believed that it was the center of everything. A well-known psychologist considered the five the most important symbol of carnal connections and creativity. The mystical meaning of a number Inside itself is hidden rock or karma.

This is the cross that every person must carry through his life. At this time in your destiny there is a huge number of events and each of them can radically change the intended fate. It is necessary to throw aside all material needs and minor problems: it’s time to reflect on karma and your inner world. Pride in this period will not lead to anything good: be patient and accept the events that destiny has prepared for you.