The number 40 consists of two numbers: the number 0 and the number 4.

In spiritual numerology (to which this site is dedicated) the number 4 means relative peace (that is, equilibrium) and physical death, and the number 0 means absolute peace and spiritual life. In its original essence, the four is the same zero, only manifested at the material level.

From the language of forty numbers, one can translate literally as “the transition from relative rest to absolute” or “the threshold between one incarnation of the soul and its next incarnation,” or “complete devastation before filling,” or “the end of everything.” Choose any of the values, each will be correct!

If you select “the end of everything”, then it is very important to give the exact meaning to the concept of “everything”. “Everything” regarding different levels of human Being and Consciousness can have different interpretations. And each of them is true (!), But it is true in its own way.


So with respect to the lower, material levels, “everything” is the maximum of what we are able to see, hear, feel and smell. And climbing the ladder of Consciousness a little higher, the concept of “everything” includes also the maximum of what we can imagine, imagine and imagine.

At the highest levels of Being and Consciousness, “all” is “nothing,” and “nothing” is “everything.” This formulation does not tell us much, does it? After all, we perceive the world only from the position of ourselves as a Person!

And the person (our lower self) understands the concept of “all” and “nothing” as opposites. And this is not just a property of the Person, but a necessary guarantee of its existence. At a time when for the person “everything” becomes “nothing” (as a result, for example, of profound yoga or esoteric studies), the personality disintegrates as unnecessary.

There are people who see the meaning of life precisely in the destruction of the personality in order to manifest oneself as a higher I …

The value of 40

The values ​​of the number 40, depending on the different levels of Being and Consciousness, can seem a lot. However, this is an illusion. For every number, the meaning is always one!

The real meaning of the number 40 is the totality of all its meanings with respect to the eleven levels of Being and Consciousness. Any person lives simultaneously on eleven levels, although he realizes, at best, only a few of them.

Thus, the main and only meaning of the number 40 in spiritual numerology (to which this site is dedicated) consists of eleven meanings of this number. Let me just list all the values ​​of the number 40 (relative to different levels of being and consciousness), and you connect them together as you see fit, and get one single, “volumetric”, maximally objective value.

So I get into the essence of every number and call this my method of “volume thinking with numbers”.