The number 4 in the language of numbers means equilibrium. The fourth balances and regulates the relationship between numbers – just as, for example, the laws of the state balance and regulate relations in society. And just like the divine laws regulate the relationship of matter and spirit in the universe.

Number 4 for clarity is conveniently compared with traffic lights. Moreover, in the world of numbers, the fourth actually performs the functions of a traffic light! And now imagine that the continuous streams of cars traveling in different directions are human thoughts, characters, destinies.

The red light caught fire and someone’s fate stopped. “Stopping the fate” in spiritual numerology for a person can mean either physical death or the possibility of personal choice. In general, in esoteric and numerology, a person’s life is a complex combination of personal choice and the inevitability of fate. So: when you have a choice and when you do not have it – the number 4 decides.

In the numerology of dates, the figure 4 is of particular importance. The absence of a traffic light-four (on some important public date, for example) can lead to an increase in the number of “accidents”. Someone’s fate may collide head-on. Someone’s lives will break, someone’s dreams will be shattered …

To deepen the knowledge of the number 4, let’s continue our allegory with a four-traffic light. In general, allegories in spiritual numerology are not just literary delights. Vivid allegories are absolutely necessary, since the true meaning of numbers is revealed only through figurative thinking.

So, you have imagined a traffic light-four, which regulates traffic on a noisy, urban intersection. The height of the working day and a lot of cars – dirty, clean, expensive, cheap, bright and faded, neglected and well-groomed. All these machines are our lives. Some “lives” are rushing along the main road, others are taxiing out from the secondary streets, and the third are coming to meet in the neighboring strip (well, if not on the counter).

For the sake of completeness, add that most of the participants in the movement are always somewhere late, rushing about in a frenzy of hysterics, frightening each other with lingering beeps. And now imagine that in the midst of all this diabolical turmoil, the four-traffic light suddenly breaks, the only islet of tranquility and order in the world of numbers. Catastrophe!

Neither does it forbid you to red, you do not allow green, nor do you warn yellow. What to do?! Who, where, and most importantly, when to go? These are the main questions in the numerology of life. Who is ready to give way, but who rushes ahead? To whom is “more important”, and who will “tolerate”?

Fatal confusion and confusion! In most cases, the destinies of people are continuous accidents and experiences, continuous “broken” quads. The ability to fix the number 4 in a person is probably the most difficult task in spiritual numerology …

And the fulfillment of this task must begin in childhood, taking into account the fact that already at the age of four years the child forms precisely that part of his Consciousness, which is responsible for an objective judgment about the world – the same “traffic light”. And if you approach it responsibly and in a timely manner, maybe in the future you will not have to break something and rebuild it.