39 contains a triple and a nine: each of the figures has its own, unique impact on the character of the person. The triple is connected with development, leadership and ability to self-expression. She is also responsible for feeling compassionate and optimistic. We should not forget that there were three people in the Holy Trinity. Nine is a symbol of karmic laws: it symbolizes the dimension and wisdom that accumulates after years of life. It embodies the generosity and spiritual power, known through working on its inner world. Nine has long been considered a spiritual beacon, which attracts the lost souls with its bright light.

The mystical meaning of the figure It is ruled by Mars, one of the most warlike gods in Greek mythology. The sum of the triple and the ninth generates the number 12, which can again be reduced to a triple. In cabbalistic texts, it is the embodiment of a dark wizard capable of performing powerful magical spells. On closer examination, it may turn out that this magician serves good powers. The frequent appearance on the path of life 39 is a sure sign of divine influence. Your guardian angel is on the alert and protects you from the negative impact of the real world.

If at the moment you have lost your job and are actively seeking a new occupation, rest assured that the divine powers will help you. Ideally, you should engage in spiritual practice and relate life to religious activities. Thirty-nine requires you to forget all past grievances and focus on your own development. All the bereavement was necessary for spiritual development: it is a ballast that interfered with your purification.