38 consists of a figure eight and a triple: each figure has its own unique impact. The Troika gives a desire to make new discoveries and creative ideas, it is responsible for professional and spiritual growth. Due to its influence, a person is capable of spontaneous, but at the same time correct actions. He does not mock other people and is happy to provide support. The eight is responsible for the material sphere: due to its influence, the carrier is able to achieve a high financial position, it is attracted by finance and wealth issues.

Its influence also extends to the spiritual world: the eight is responsible for wisdom, meekness and the ability to take all the blows of fate. The mystical meaning of the number eight and the three generate the number 38, they endow it with energy of joy and optimism. It also traces the notes of courage and the desire for a stable financial position. Its carriers do not like to fly in the clouds and do not wear rose-colored glasses: as a rule, they clearly understand the situation and try to extract the maximum benefit from it.

The appearance on the life path of thirty-eight is a sign of the right direction. Soon you will reach the finish line and will be able to enjoy the results of your work. On financial well-being, there is no need to worry: the chosen type of activity will ensure all needs.