The value of the number 36 It has pronounced magical qualities. The first mention of them can be found in the works of Pythagoras himself. Subsequently, Plutarch pointed out that 36 is odd numbers, combined with the first four even numbers. If you connect the troika and the six, you can get a nine, which is the main symbol of our material society. Ancient Maya also used this number in their calendar system. It contains 360 days, which represent a tenfold repetition of this figure.

If we turn our eyes to the compass, we will see in it a circle that closes the north direction, equal to 360 degrees. Influence on the character of a person As a rule, his bearers try to find the truth in this cruel world. Despite the absence of a general order, they achieve harmony. Among them there are a considerable number of preachers and public figures who defend simple human values. Such people are able to sacrifice their own lives, and therefore often choose the profession of bodyguard. Among them there are many lawyers (honest people who protect innocent citizens) and social workers. Also, carriers 36 can associate their lives with teaching activities and achieve significant results in this field.

As you can see, the list of these professions clearly demonstrates the positive orientation of such people. They at any cost give one more chance and carefully protect people from possible misfortune. All their activities are permeated with optimism and bright ideas. Unlike many citizens, the carriers of this figure love the world around them and do not notice the threat coming from it.