34 contains the power of the seven, which can be obtained by adding up prime numbers. It symbolizes good luck, purposefulness and a special attitude of higher forces. It is this number of coins given for the potter’s lot, in which a man is obliged to realize his sins and all the errors of life committed. Influence on character It is a symbol of leaders and all known rulers who lived on our planet. Most revolutionaries and innovators also had a number of 34 in the life matrix.

They seldom adhere to established principles and easily create new orders. Such people easily recognize the wind of change and are able to lead pioneering movements. Their ideas absorb the surrounding crowd, which literally sinks in the whirlpool of the event. Carriers of thirty-four do not know fatigue: new ideas are constantly being generated in their brains, and strong health allows you to ignore fatigue. For the sake of achieving this goal, such individuals are not ready to sleep at night and to promote their business in any instance.

Most of the cases they take on themselves, trusting outsiders only minor actions. The majority of carriers 34 are carrying grandiose plans of a global scale and quite often they are implemented.